A Day in the life of the house being built.
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House Site Across Pond
First half of house Arriving
Dormers + first half of House
Crane Setup 7/7 - 8:30AM
First half of house being lifted 7/7 - 9:40AM
First half of House being set
First half od house being set 2
First half of house on Foundation
Second half of house being Lifted
Second half of house being set
Second half of house being set 2
Back main roof being Raised 7/7 - 11:55 am
Back main roof raised
Front main roof being raised 7/7 - 12:15 pm
House peak being set 7/7 - 1:50 pm
First Dormer being set 7/7 - 2:30 pm
Last Dormer being set 7/7 - 3:20 pm
Front of House

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