Friday, August 13th, 1999 - Moving Day
We tried to take pictures of the various rooms before moving in boxes and Stuff..
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Well this is my house. Well it is really the Bank's, but I am paying the bank for it.
All nice new clean appliances. Look quick, because they will soon be used.
Look, haven't even stayed the night, and I am already leaving my tools out. Will Rebecca be able to put up with me?
Nice big French Doors so we can get stuff up the stairs. Hopefully the dinning room table will fit.
See Mom, my room is clean.
Well almost.
2 sinks = Less fights?? We'll see
A Picture of the Big Tub under the big windows.. Guess we should get blinds..
Wonder if the shower will ever be this clean again.. I really need to get a shower door.
Shesh, I have lots of pictures of the right side of the house, wonder what the left side looks like.
And at the end of the day, Dammit tries to see how far he could get in the door without stepping inside.

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