This is the barn that Bradley Built.
To come will be pictures of the cat that lives in the barn that Bradley Built. Then Pictures of the dog that chases the cat into the barn that Bradley Built. Then of the goat that chases the dog, that chases the cat into the barn that Bradley built. And (finally??) of the horse, that chases the goat, that chases the dog, that chases the cat into the barn that Bradley Built.

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floorplan The idea/plan that started this project.
barn001 Holes.. The whole barn started with holes...
barn002 More holes...
barn003 Posts, lots of Posts... Took 2 tries to get the corners square (well to 1/2") then a day to plumb all the posts. Took another whole day to mix the concrete for the posts.
barn004 Rafters, and More Rafters. One rafter every 24"
barn005 Roof Pitch is about 2.5 rise for 12 run. Would have liked it to be a bit steaper, but placed center post too deep in ground. But there is a nice 32" overhang in the front and rear of the building.
barn007 On the rafters are run 1"x4" purlins every 18". That should be able to support the roof.
barn008 And the roofing material finally begins to go up. It was a long weekend to get from hanging the rafters to putting up the roof material. We are trying an Ondura roofing material. Here is a link to their website for more info on it
skylight A look at the skylights from the bottoms. This is why we have big white squares in the roof. To let light into the barn.
concret The concrete guys
concrete They started work the day after bidding for the job
cupola2 The cupola on top the barn. After listening to someone say they wanted a cupola for years, when it came time to build one, I was told I didn't have too... Ya, right...
workingonruninshed Working on installing the 3/4" plywood that will form the inside walls to the runin sheds.
sidingup A first look at the siding up. Well, all pieces were primed before hanging them. After hanging them, the siding was 4 different colors (because we had to keep getting more primer). And the barn was blue instead of grey.
doorsclosed A look at the barn with the doors closed. The barn was also repainted to be a nice grey, instead of blue.
doorsopen Now you can see where the doors were. They are sliding doors, and yes they are hanging against the wall, even though you can't really seem them. Sooner or later, I'll get the trim up so you can see them more.
inside-front A look at the inside of the barn. Another building to clean.
inside-leftside A look to the back side of the barn. This area will be filled with Hay come winter.
backruninshed A look at the rear runin shed.
sideruninshed A look at the side runin shed.